Tankering and De-sludging Process Explained  Tankering and De-sludging Process Explained

Tankering and De-sludging Process Explained


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Package Treatment Plants

A package treatment plant is a system which offers varying degrees of biological sewage treatment and involves the production of an effluent which will be disposed of to-ground, via a soak away or direct to a watercourse. There are many varieties of package plant but all involve settling the solids before and/or after a biological treatment stage and all use electricity.

The reason for having the package treatment plant regularly tankered (at least once a year), is to remove this accumulation of settled solids (sludge) in the treatment plant. Failure to do so can result in the following issues:

Septic tanks

A septic tank is a type of biological sewage treatment system. They may be constructed in brick or blocks, although modern types are pre-formed in reinforced fibreglass. Naturally occurring bacteria break down the solid matter, reducing its volume. The liquid element is discharged usually via effluent drainage systems “soak aways”

As with a Packaged Treatment Plant, the accumulated solids need only be pumped out occasionally, (typically once a year), by a licensed contractor such as KEE Services. Failure to do so can result in the same issues as highlighted under Packaged Treatment Plants.


A cesspool or cesspit is a sealed underground storage tank that retains the sewage until the time of disposal. It may be brick or block construction or manufactured in steel or reinforced fiberglass. These tank need emptying to prevent backing up of the inlet drainage or the tank overflowing. Any spillage / overflowing of sewage can leave you liable to prosecution by the relevant authority.

Pumping Station

A Pump Station could serve your property if you are not directly connected to a main sewer system. The sewerage flows to a storage chamber and submersible pumps discharge automatically to the main sewer system.

It is recommended that pump stations are emptied / cleaned occasionally (annually), to remove any solids (nappies, sanitary items etc) and solidified cooking fats and greases. These items if not removed may interfere with the correct operation of the pumping station by blocking the pump or fouling the float switches. This could result in sewage overflowing and your drainage backing up

KEE Services Tankering

We provide a timely, guaranteed and professional service to empty your wastewater system. It is illegal for anyone, other than a licensed waste disposal contractor such as KEE to empty and dispose of all effluent from package treatment plants, septic tanks, cesspools and pump stations. The waste must be taken to fully recognised and licensed sewerage treatment works. Fines can be substantial if this is not done.

Why KEE Services Tankering?

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We have been servicing, repairing and emptying wastewater treatment systems for more than 45 years.

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