Equipment Refurbishment

Refurbishment of existing treatment systems for increased capacity, improved performance and reduced lifetime costs

Water plcs and private customers in the wastewater industry are often faced with making decisions on installation of expensive wastewater treatment plants and have to take account of the operating costs.

The total lifetime costs, therefore, become the basis of many decisions which reflect the lowest lifetime cost over 20 years. It is possible to extend this concept beyond the 20-year lifetime cost and evaluate the cost over a longer period of, say, 40 years, by taking account of a complete overhaul or refurbishment after the initial 20 years.

Why refurbish?

Environmental impact – refurbishment would enable the plant to be modernised to improve treatment levels, improve efficiency and reduce the need to dispose of large quantities of equipment if the work were to be totally replaced.

  • Greatly reduce amount of site works, leading to less disturbance to the neighbourhood.
  • Savings in time to implement the necessary environmental objectives imposed by the regulators for the AMP programmes and comply with tighter environmental objectives for discharge.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to acquire further land to rebuild a new plant.
  • Financial benefits – refurbishment of existing plants can bring the installation up to date at a fraction of the cost of installing a new system.

Wastewater treatment plants to consider refurbishing.

  • Refurbishment of Packaged Treatment Plants
  • Refurbishing Large Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Upgrade of Activated Sludge Type Aeration Plant

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