KEE Integrated Management Policy

Incorporating: health, safety, environment and quality.

KEE Process Ltd and KEE Services Ltd Integrated Management Policy

KEE Process Ltd and KEE Services Ltd are committed to Health and Safety, Environment and Quality. Our commitment is demonstrated by adhering to ISO14001, ISO9001, and OHSAS 18001. The management systems are integrated into a single management system PAS99.

KEE Process and KEE Services Ltd comply with our policy and management systems to ensure that we eliminate, reduce, and manage QEHS risks to protect our; employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the general public.

The scope of the business is – Manufacture and supply – Installation and commissioning – Worldwide operation – Plant hire – Evaluation and design – Nationwide regular servicing – Fully integrated plant operation – Out-of-hours call centre – Plant refurbishment and upgrade – Packaged pumping stations – Plant hire.

KEE Process Ltd and KEE Services Ltd commit to:

  • To comply with the Health and Safety Act 1974 so far as reasonably practical.
  • Ensuring that adequate welfare facilities are provided for people at work.
  • All equipment that is necessary to carry out work force tasks is provided and regularly maintained.
  • Staff are provided with all training required to ensure that they are fully competent in their role.
  • All staff are required to follow all company procedures & policies in place as per the IMS Manual.
  • Personal protective equipment is issued individually and monitored for safety adequacy.
  • QEHS policy and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis or when change occurs.
  • Top level management review regular progress reports regarding the QEHS of the business.
  • Emergency procedures are in place in case of fire or other significant incidents.
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Mitigate our direct environmental impacts, addressing the prevention of pollution, and look to continually improve the environment.
  • Raise our employees’ awareness of environmental issues, encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour and providing appropriate training to enable them to play a full role in
  • implementing our environmental policy. The policy is communicated at induction, by email & notice boards.
  • Targets and Objectives are set and reviewed biannually, focusing on strengthening system weaknesses, establishing robust, effective management systems & continually improve in all
  • management systems. The targets & objectives are part of working towards the company strategic direction satisfying all applicable requirements.
  • Through products and services we aim to provide customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations.

The person with overall legal and compliance responsibility for QEHS is the Managing Director. The policy is reviewed on an annual basis or when change occurs.

12 March 2016
Issue No: 11
Issue Date: 10/07/2015
Original Issue Date: 16/01/2007
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