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KEE Process EA and SBR systems can be packaged or customised to suit domestic and industrial wastewater.

KEE Process Activated Sludge Treatment

Extended Aeration (EA), Deep Bed Oxidation Ditch and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Systems.

The customised plants are modular construction enabling phased construction and extensions as flows and loads increase. Plants can be readily adapted for Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus reduction.

In EA systems, the whole screed wastewater is aerated in a reactor sized for large retention time, followed by settlement of the biomass in a separate tank (final clarifier). With the SBR system, separation of the biomass (activated sludge) takes place in the same reactor tank.

The Deep Bed Oxidation Ditch system is configured to use deep bed design with much smaller footprint and reduced land usage.

The whole process can be configured to include BOD reduction, Ammoniacal and/or Total Nitrogen reduction and Phosphorus reduction.

Aerobic digestion of excess sludge can also be incorporated for reduced operational cost and added environmental benefits.

KEE Activated Sludge systems use fine bubble membrane diffusers with blower or the energy efficient dual mode Triton® Aerator/Mixer. The Triton® Aerator/Mixer is an energy efficient, dual mode processor that is capable of Nitrification and Denitrification in the same aeration basin. With two propellers and regenerative blower, Triton® is able to operate either a fine bubble aerator and mixer or as an anoxic mixer only, giving significant velocities in depths of up to 10m. The Triton can also be used to upgrade or revitalise existing oxidation ditch systems.

The EA and SBR systems can include in situ concrete tanks or prefabricated from fused glass coated steel.

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