Bio-Guard Grease Digester

The grease digester that’s the biological solution for the removal of fat, oil and grease (fog).

The KEE Grease Digester Solution for clear kitchen drains

For many kitchens within schools, pubs, hotels and restaurants, the build up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) is an everyday occurrence, during food preparation and dish washing. It can lead to a mixture of problems, most of which can result in hygiene issues, unhappy customers and lost revenues and time.

Temporary Solutions

Chemicals can temporarily liquify fat and grease, but this is only a short-term solution, with the problem being transferred down the line to the main sewer or sewage treatment plant. Increasingly stringent environmental laws will soon make this an expensive option to the user.

Emergency call-outs can remove blockages, but are expensive and does not offer a permanent cure. More frequent emptying of the fat trap (if one is installed) can help but this is time consuming and unpleasant.

Clearly Better

The build up of FOG can be overcome permanently by treating drains with a biological FOG digester. KEE BioGuard is a non toxic liquid biological solution that works 24 hours a day. The system contains micro-organisms that degrade FOG and ensures that the correct dosage is made at the most beneficial time.

It can save time by preventing costly or embarrassing problems. The mixture includes enzyme lipase together with an emulsifier to break fat and grease down into harmless constituent parts, carbon dioxide and water.