Plant Operation

Specialists in the operation of all types of treatment plants

The maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment equipment is a specialised task and KEE Services Limited recognise this. With its extensive experience of on-site servicing of all types of wastewater treatment and pumping equipment, its Technicians have the knowledge necessary to protect your investment and the environment.

KEE Services offers planned maintenance programmes ranging from an annual visit to full plant operation. Its aim is to respond to all of your urgent servicing and maintenance needs. The KEE Services Team of fully trained Technicians operates on both a local and regional basis to ensure a prompt and reliable service.

A comprehensive range of services for operation, maintenance and servicing of wastewater treatment facility for multiple sites with telemetry facilities

KEE offers Plant Operation services to installations that are intended for two types of users.

  1. Domestic Sewage – where main drains are not available, such as:
    • Remote villages
    • Tourists and Leisure facilities
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Housing Developments
    • Office Complexes.
  2. Industrial Wastewater Treatment – where it is beneficial to partially treat high strength waste before discharge to sewer, or to treat completely for discharge watercourse.

KEE have expertise in design, manufacture, servicing, maintenance and operation of equipment for all types of wastewater treatment plants, backed by over 50 years of experience and over 350,000 installations worldwide.

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