Aeration and Mixing

KEE Process Aspirator Aerator

The KEE aerator is a surface mounted aspirator aerator that offers easy installation and minimal maintenance. There is total oxygen dispersion with the whole basin circulation preventing short-circuiting. The Aspirator meets the EPA definition for fine bubble size (2.0mm) and can be float, wall or bridge mounted.



Operating costs are reduced with the high efficiency in BOD removal. The Aspirator Aerator is made of stainless steel – Grade 304 construction – and is durable and lightweight and has an adjustable shaft for shallow or deep ponds.

Aspirators can be added to upgrade existing activated sludge-type extended aeration or oxidation plants suffering from oxygen and mixing deficiencies or can be used as fine bubble aeration system on new installations.

KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available.

KEE Process Triton®

Introduced from the US, the new Triton Aerator/Mixer overcomes the previous limitations of oxidation ditch technology and can be used to revitalise existing oxidation ditches and extended aeration plant or systems based on activated sludge process. Using the dual mode processor capabilities of Triton Aerator, aeration basins up to depths of 10m can be completely aerated and mixed. Existing Oxidation Ditches (OD) can be retro-fitted and new OD plants benefit with a much smaller footprint.


Nitrification and denitrification can all take place in a single reactor. With two propellers and a regenerative blower, Triton is able to operate either as an anoxic mixer with the blower turned off, or an efficient aerator/mixer with the blower on.

Multiple Triton units can be arranged to provide extended contact time between air bubbles and water stream, with greater oxygen transfer efficiency. Improved biological treatment results in Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal rates as high as 99% in highly contaminated wastewater.

The Triton is the most versatile fine bubble aeration/mixing device for activated sludge treatment systems available with dual functions – aeration and mixing.

KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available.

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