RBC Plants

Large sized RBC managed-flow wastewater treatment plants.

These modules offer biological treatment stages for larger sized wastewater treatment plants. The unique Managed Flow Technology® is incorporated as standard.

As they are easy to install and highly efficient, KEE Process RBC Modules are the cost-effective answer for flexible treatment for larger flows. These modules can replace or supplement existing, overloaded biological treatment stages in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Treatment for populations of up to 1,500 persons equivalent within a single module, with larger flows covered by the installation of multiple RBC modules.

Low specific media surface area to volume density range for carbonaceous BOD removal and high specific media surface area to volume density range for nitrification and total nitrogen reduction.

The Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) casing is designed as a structural element for both above ground or underground installation, and can withstand hydrostatic and ground pressures. It has sectional GRP removable covers with easy access to bearings and motor for maintenance

The RBC is driven by a direct coupled geared motor, giving extremely low power demand and is virtually silent and odour free.

With over 30 years design life for structural components and 100,000 hour L10 selection life for mechanical/electrical components, plus minimal site work and maintenance give KEE Process RBC Modules the lowest lifetime cost.

KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available.

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