Anaerobic Reactors

We offer design, installation and operation of on-site plants

Process industries tend to generate a large quantity of wastewater and this is often highly polluted. Disposal options include discharge to public sewer or on-site treatment prior to discharge to sewer or a watercourse.

Public Sewers are convenient for disposal of wastewater if they are nearby. Quantity, strength and character of wastewater need to be considered and Authorities consulted for discharge to sewer. If approval is granted, and the wastewater meets the criteria set, then sewer disposal would be an obvious choice, but this comes at a cost. High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and suspended solids would lead to high costs and reducing these parameters can make significant savings. Partial or full on-site treatment would bring about cost savings, but need to be justified.

It is always advisable to carry out an evaluation of the processes involved in the core business to identify sources of waste. An audit would help reduce waste and disposal costs and quantify flow rates, organic loads and characterise the wastewater to optimise the design of any on-site treatment plant.

The KEE Group can offer design, installation and operation of on-site treatment plants. Their technologies include anaerobic digestion, aerobic processes including RBC and Submerged Aerated fixed film systems, extended aeration and SBR activated sludge processes, complemented with physical and physio-chemical processes. KEE also have a team of experienced process engineers and project engineers capable of delivering solutions to suit.

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