Primary and Final Settlement Tanks

A new range of advanced design hopper bottom GRP settlement tanks for small wastewater treatment plants.

Primary and final Hopper bottom settlement tanks

KEE Process supplies a new range of advanced design Hopper bottom GRP Settlement Tanks for small wastewater treatment plants. A high-performance jointing system provides watertight joints between components of the tank and reduced assembly time gives cost savings.

A new launder features a sloping floor to ensure complete launder drainage. The peripheral launder system, with adjustable 90o V notch weirs, assists flow distribution through the whole tank cross-sectional area.

The standard tank provides a minimum of 1m water depth in the vertical cylindrical section, but deeper sections are available. Diffusion drum diameters are 1000 mm or 1200 mm as standard. Scum troughs can also be supplied.

On-site assembly can be phased during construction. This feature removes the need for tank entry to aid construction site safety in confined space. Larger flows are catered for by the installation of multiple units. KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available.


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