Outlined below is information relating to the supply and delivery of our products, as per our Terms and Conditions of Sale:

12. Supply & Delivery

12.1 – KEE shall use its reasonable endeavours to deliver the Products and/or supply the Services on the dates agreed or specified, but any such date is approximate only. If no dates are specified, delivery of the Products or supply of Services shall take place within a reasonable time of acceptance of any order.

12.1.1 – Time is not of the essence as to the delivery of the Products and/or supply of the Services and KEE is not liable for any such delay, howsoever caused.

12.2 – If KEE is unable to deliver the Product due to the actions or any failure to act by the Customer, KEE shall be entitled, at the Customer’s expense, to place the Product in storage until such time as the Product may be delivered.

12.3 – Where the price is stated to be “Ex-works” KEE shall be entitled to make such additional charge as may be appropriate for transport of the Product to the Customer’s premises if arranged by KEE.

12.4 – Where the price quoted is stated to be “Ex-works” delivery shall be deemed to be effected on collection or seven days after KEE notifies the Customer that the Product is available for collection, whichever date shall be the earlier. If the Customer fails to collect the Product within seven days KEE shall be entitled, in addition to any other remedy available, to make an appropriate charge for storage.

12.5 – Except where otherwise specifically agreed in writing by KEE any price quoted is based on the cost of materials, parts, labour, transport, fuel and other costs ruling at the date of delivery and KEE reserves the right to increase any price at any time to take account of increases in such costs prior to delivery. Any duties, taxes, or other charges applicable to the Product or the Services as a result of legislation or regulations in the United Kingdom and/or the country in which the Customer is resident will be charged to the Customer.

12.6 – Specifically, and for the avoidance of doubt, the price quoted is net of value-added tax, which will be added at the appropriate rate in force at the date of invoice.

12.7 – Where the price is stated to include delivery, then delivery shall be deemed to have been effected upon the date the Product is delivered to the nearest hard standing, adjacent to the public highway at the address for delivery notified by the Customer to KEE. In the event that the Customer notifies KEE that he wishes to collect the Product from KEE’s premises (despite the price being inclusive of delivery) then delivery shall be deemed to have been effected on the date when KEE notifies the Customer that the Product is available for collection. In all cases, offloading the product shall be the responsibility of the Customer.

12.8 – All risk in the Product shall pass to the Customer at the time delivery is deemed to have occurred pursuant to these Conditions.

12.9 – Unless the Service Schedule or Order Confirmation specifies to the contrary, the price quoted does not include installation or commissioning of the Product and any notes, procedures or methods, relating to installation referred to in KEE brochures, price lists or other literature are for guidance only. As KEE has no control of the circumstances under which installation of the Product may be made KEE shall have no responsibility or liability in respect of any defects or other damage, loss or expense arising directly or indirectly out of the installation of the Product by the Customer or its agents. Any agreement by KEE to be responsible for installation or commission will be carried out by KEE under separate contractual conditions.