Outlined below is information relating to Returns of our products, as per our Terms and Conditions of Sale:

16. Returns

16.1 – If it shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of KEE that any Product is defective on delivery or does not correspond to the specification ordered by the Customer (claims for such matters being made in writing within seven days of delivery), or if any Product, shall prove to be defective within 12 months as a result of faulty manufacture, then KEE shall at its absolute discretion refund the purchase price thereof or repair or replace the Product.

16.2 – If it shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of KEE that any workmanship carried out in the course of supplying Services was defective then KEE will, at its option, re-perform the Services which are the subject of the breach, or refund to the Customer the price paid for the Services.

16.3 – Any item whether damaged, faulty when received or just not suitable for your requirements should be returned suitably packaged and sanitized to KEE offices or a KEE nominated address, within 7 days of receipt with a copy of the invoice and / or delivery ticket for reference.

16.4 – Shipping/insurance costs are non-refundable in any case and buyers are responsible for the returning cost under any circumstances. Where a buyer requests KEE arrange collection of the goods KEE will make a charge to cover the costs associated with arranging collection.

16.5 – KEE operates a restocking policy, Products not suitable for your requirements will be subject to a 30% charge.

16.6 – Products returned which are not in the original condition will involve an additional charge to dependent on the rework required to put them in a saleable condition.

16.7 – Notwithstanding any other provision in the Contract:

16.7.1 – KEE shall have no liability to the Customer for loss of use, loss of revenue, profit or anticipated profit, delay and business interruption and other similar losses, whether direct or indirect, and any indirect or consequential losses whatsoever;

16.7.2 – The Customer shall have no recourse against KEE or KEE’s personnel and shall indemnify KEE and KEE’s personnel from and against any and all claims howsoever arising from or in connection with defects in the supply of Products and/or Services;

16.7.3 – The indemnities and agreement contained in this clause 16 shall apply whether or not any claim is asserted to have arisen by virtue of tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty, contract, quasi-contract, strict liability, breach of representation or warranty (express or implied), the laws, regulations, rules or orders of any government or other authority having jurisdiction or otherwise;

16.7.4 – Nothing in this Contract shall be deemed to exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by KEE’s negligence.

16.8 – KEE shall be entitled to examine any Product which is the subject of a claim by a Customer and to remove such Product or any part thereof for testing.

16.9 – No tests by the Customer will be recognised by KEE unless carried out strictly in accordance with a method agreed by KEE as being suitable for the purpose.

16.10 – The Customer shall be responsible to KEE for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of the order for the Product (including any specification or drawing supplied by the Customer with such order or subsequently) given by the Customer to KEE and for giving in due time any other relevant information necessary to enable KEE to perform its obligations under the Contract. The Customer shall indemnify KEE against any loss, proceedings, actions, damages, compensation and costs and expenses arising whether directly out of the Customer’s breach of this Condition.